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Butter Churn.jpg
"The churn is covered with a cloth to keep the flies out. Note chair seat of split white oak. Chair making is a local craft long developed in this region. Randolph County, North Carolina"

A. L. Manly cartoon.png
A cartoon depicting a mob burning Alex Manly'sDaily Record office building in Wilmington, North Carolina

A photo depicting a race riot mob in Wilmington, North Carolina gathered outside a courthouse.

Record staff.jpg
Staff members of the Wilmington newspaper, The Daily Record, take a picture infront of their office building.

A Negro sharecropper's son "worming" tobacco leaves on a sharecropping tobacco farm in Wake County, North Carolina.

Orton Hotel.jpg
This is a photo of the Orton Hotel in Wilmington, North Carolina.

New Raleigh Hotel LOC.jpg
This is a picture of the New Raleigh Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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