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North 44th Street.png
A photo of the rowhouses on North 44th Street in Philadelphia. This neighborhood, Mantua, in West Philadelphia was where many moved to escape the congestion of South Philadelphia in the 1920s.

814 N Hancock 1928 PHA copy 3.jpg
Two children play along the street while their mother does laundry. A man lounges in the background and two people look down from the second story windows of the central house. This photograph shows a glimpse of the poor housing conditions southern…

This is a picture of the Phipps Institute taken around 1913. The Phipps Institute made treatment accessible for patients with TB.

1933 November Volume.11 No.2 Page 43 to 50.pdf
Jarka Corporation Advertisement

This is a photo of the intersection of 9th and Montrose Streets, where Philadelphia's Italian Market is still located. In the photo, some stands can be seen. In the 1900s, Italian Americans had a huge influence in this area of Philadelphia, and the…

Black teamster city sanitation dept UA .jpg
A Black sanitation worker, collecting trash using horses.

Abraham Moses 1980 2 ISM.jpg.tiff
Head shot of Abraham Moses. Moses worked with the Philadelphia International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) in the 1920s.

Abraham Moses 1980 1.jpg
Head shot of Abraham Moses. Moses worked with the Philadelphia International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) in the 1920s.

A view of the rail condition at 82nd Street and Eastwick Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1f68af50b8d2acc88d5732f0a404eae8 2.jpg
I. Maximilian Martin Jr. brought suit against the theatre manager for the Stanley Theatre in Philadelphia on the corner of 16th Street and Market Street. Martin Jr. had the manager arrested and held in jail for forcing Martin Jr, and George Evans…

Newton School.jpg
The Newton School was located on 36th Street between Walnut Street and Chestnut Street. The school was an integrated elementary school. I. Maximilian Martin Jr. attended the school, but not until after his father Isadore Martin Sr. threatened…

Catto School.jpg
The O.V. Catto School was an all Black school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 26 North 42nd Street. The school was built so White and Black students did not have to attend school together. Isadore Martin Sr. refused to send his son, I.…

Room for rent.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for rooms to be rented including Christian, Masters, and Locust Streets, among others.

central high school photo.jpg
Previously located on Broad and Green Street, Central High School was the best of the public boys schools in Philadelphia, PA. Neo-Gothic architecture.

sun porch philadelphia 1907.jpg
A view of sun porches prevalent on row homes in Philadelphia during the early 1900s. Sun porches were a place for the family to sit especially on the long hot summer days. With children in the streets playing.

Philadelphia School for Girls.jpg
A street view of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, 1933, 17th and Spring Garden St.

7810 Lincoln Drive.jpg
Photograph of 7810 Lincoln Drive, originally built in 1906. The home was previously the Richard Residence in Chestnut Hill where Beulah worked as a live-in servant for thirteen years. This photograph captures the house as it stands almost a century…

A photo of Philadelphia City Hall c. 1930.

City Hall.jpg
Still image of Philadelphia's City Hall c. 1905
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